Whilst Antiwrinkle treatment is well known  to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it also has an important place in assisting some medical conditions and relaxing muscles for other purposes.

The Masseter Muscles are large muscles located in the Jaw on each side of our face. They are responsible for helping us to move our jaw and mouths, chew, bite, and clench.

These muscles are generally treated for the following purposes:

Jaw Clenching & Teeth grinding

Unfortunately, large, overactive or significantly strong Masseter muscles, can lead to jaw pain, from repeated jaw clenching and teeth grinding. This can also lead to headaches as the 'temporalis' muscles near our temples in our upper face, also engage when we activate our Masseters.

The aim in treating the Masseter muscles for this purpose, is not to completely reduce movement or muscle strength (as it is important to still be able to chew and eat), but to reduce it enough to provide some relief from the jaw pain and headaches caused from clenching hard or repeatedly grinding teeth.

This treatment generally needs to be  repeated every 3-4 months, as when the product wears off, so too does the pain relief effect.  Repeated treatment at regular 3-4 month intervals, aims to also weaken the muscles enough to cause a small amount of 'atrophy' (shrinking of the muscles). When this occurs, the baseline (not treated) strength of the muscle is less, and therefore, it can help to provide longer term relief for the indidivual, and longer intervals between when treatment is required.


Facial Slimming

Another reason some people consider Masseter treatment is to slim down the lower portion of the face.

Large Masseter muscles with significant strength can create 'bulk' through the lower half of the face and make the face appear more 'square' or 'puffy'. By treating and weakning the Masseter muscles, it slims down the lower portion of the face for the time in which the treatment is working.

Repeated treatment at 3-4 months intervals can effectively reduce the strength of these muscles over time and 'shrink' them, which can lead to longer intervals between treatments and longer lasting facial slimming effects.

Masseter treatment for facial slimming is popular among women who have more 'square shaped' faces and desire to have a more heart or oval shaped face.