Feeling sweaty? This one may be for you!

Hyperhydrosis treatment uses antiwrinkle product to target the sweat glands underneath the armpits and reduce the production of sweat for the period of time in whcih the product is effective.

It is a suitable option for people who excessively sweat and need assiatnce to manage their sweat prodiuction and some day to day relief. 


Another reason some people enjoy this treatment, is for an important event, where they want to   reduce their underarm sweating and the chance of  sweat staining for a special occassion.

Sweating is a normal body function, and this treatment aims to help minimise and manage the production of sweat, rather than reduce it to nothing.

For individuals who experience hyperhydrosis to the point of it impacting significantly on their day to day lives, Prior Skin Co recommends Medical Specialist advice, to see if the individual fits criteria to claim this treatment via medicare.

This treatment usually lasts 6-9 months for individuals who have a moderate amount of sweat production.