Dermal Filler in the lips is an increasingly popular treatment and one which is highly requested at the Prior Skin Co Clinic.

Lips come in all shapes and sizes, and whilst you might love your friends lips, here at Prior Skin Co, we believe one size does not fit all.  Lip Filler treatment should be tailored to your lip shape and size, as well as consider the rest of your facial features in order to create facial harmony.


Our aim is to always pick a Dermal Filler product which is suited to your lips individual needs and requirements. We want to provide your lips with the enhancement they deserve, whilst maintaining a look which suits the rest of your natural beauty.

Explore some of  benefits of Dermal Filler for the lips:


Dermal Filler can create hydration through the lips. This can help improve the appearance of lip 'wrinkles' and lines, asisst lip balms and lipsticks to sit better on the lips, and make them appear softer.


Shape & Symmetry

Dermal Filler can be used to enhance and correct asymmetries in the lip shape.



Dermal Filler can help to create more projection and 'roundness' to the lips. This can also help to eveness out the lip ratios when one lip is more projected than the other.



Dermal Filler can create more volume in the lips, giving them a 'bigger' appearance. This enhancement of the lips and level of volume can be tailored to your face, to ensure the size looks natural and suited to you.


Lip Border & Definition

Dermal filler for lip border and definition is important to consider as we age. Often throughout the ageing process, the lip border lessens and needs some volume replacement to enhance it again. Dermal Filler can be used to recreate the Lip border and redefine the lips.