We are just as excited to be in the Clinic as you are, however it's important we go over some added ground rules first! 

Whilst Prior Skin Co always takes infection control measures very seriously, and abides by NSW Health Clinical Infection Control policies and guidelines, Due to the ongoing Pandemic Covid-19, we have a few extra measures to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. 


We understand that some of these measures may take some getting used to, so we thankyou for your ongoing cooperation and patience, as we navigate these new times together. 


Policy Statement:

Prior Skin Co shall maintain infection control safety measures to help prevent the spread of disease.



To give clear guidance regarding infection control measures, and additional safety measures being utilized during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Safety Measures:

• Appointments will include a ‘buffer’ time each side of the appointment. This will allow time for adequate cleaning to take place, and no crossover of clients.

• Patients will be informed that only one person is allowed per appointment. The waiting room will not to be occupied and patients are to wait in their vehicle until the clinic has no other patient present and all surfaces are wiped down / sanitised.

• Prior Skin Co will call the patient to enter the clinic for their appointment to ensure no overlap of patients at clinic at the same time.

• Patients will fill out consent form with health related/ screening questions.

• Patients will be refused treatment should they meet any of the following criteria:

- Temperature over 37.5 degrees
- Patients that have travelled overseas in the last 6 weeks.

- Respiratory symptoms such as cough, runny nose, sneezing.

- Recent contact with a positive covid-19 case.

- Are unable to show Covid-19 vaccination status upon entry as it applies per NSW Government public health orders.


• Staff having physical contact with a patient shall wear correct single use PPE, and practice hand hygiene.