- Every new client to Prior Skin Co must have a consultation before treatment can proceed. This is required so we can perform a proper assessment, consult with the medical practitioner, answer your questions and ensure that you receive the right treatment for you.
-Consultations must be done face to face with the Registered Nurse and Doctor involvement.

- Consultation appointments are subject to a Booking Fee which is redeemable on treatment for 3 months. 


-Prior Skin Co requires a booking fee to confirm and reserve the clinic/ treating practitioner for your appointment time.

-At the time of booking, the booking fee amount and payment instructions will be provided to you.

-Appointment is not confirmed until payment of Booking fee is completed.

-The Booking Fee amount is valid to redeem on treatment for 3 months post your initial appointment booking date.

-Booking Fees are Non-refundable. ​

-Booking Fee amount: $50.00aud.

-We ask you kindly to give as much notice as possible when rescheduling or cancelling appointments. 

-Booking Fees will be forfeited on cancellations and reschedules with less than 48 hours notice of appointment.​

-For appointments rescheduled with 48+ hours notice, The Booking Fee remains redeemable on the rescheduled appointment.

-For cancellation of appointments without rescheduling an appointment at the time of notice of cancellation, the Booking Fee is forfeited.


- Please be respectful of Tiarne's time. As a small business which runs on an appointment only basis, Not showing to your appointment and providing no notice of non attendance does not allow any time to fill the appointment spot.

- Failing to attend your appointment and failing to provide notice of non attendance to your appointment,  will incur a "no show" fee of $100.00aud, in addition to the booking fee paid upon making your booking. 

- The 'No Show' fee is to compensate the income loss incurred to Prior Skin Co due to non attendance to your appointment without notice, as the appointment spot can then not be filled.

- By booking an appointment with Prior Skin Co, you agree to the card on your file being charged a 'no show' fee if you fail to attend your appointment and do not contact Prior Skin Co to inform of your intention to not attend, prior to your appointment. 

- To avoid being charged a 'No Show' fee. Please contact Prior Skin Co before your appointment time to inform if you will not be attending.

-Prior Skin Co accepts all major credit/debit cards. 

-Prior Skin Co is a partner of ZIPPAY and AFTERPAY,  buy now pay later options. If you choose to use this service, no package prices will apply, and all services will be charged on a per ml/per unit basis. It is the individual's sole responsibility to make repayments and follow the policies of the chosen service. 

-Please come prepared to pay for your appointment. For some treatments, payment may be requested upfront pre commencing treatment.


- Treatments conducted by Prior Skin Co are medical cosmetic treatments. 

- All benefits, risks, side effects and contraindications will be clearly explained to you during consultation and treatment and aftercare instructions will be given to you post treatment verbally, as well as in paper and email form.

- You will be required to fill out a consent form which will go through all of the above.

- In the event of adverse events, complications, side effects or concerns post treatment, please contact Prior Skin Co immediately. We care about your safety and want to ensure you receive the best outcome. 

- Prior Skin Co have policies in place to follow in the event of adverse events and ask for your cooperation in doing so.

- Please direct any complaints or concerns regarding the services provided by Prior Skin Co directly to us rather than the clinics we service, as our aim is to resolve any concerns with you directly, as quickly and effectively as possible. 


- All records and information on patients of Prior Skin Co is treated within strict confidentiality laws and guidelines. 

- Consent for sharing of photos is a part of our consent form. If consenting to photos being shared, we will use these for promotional and educational purposes, as may the clinics we service. 

- Before and After photos will be taken for all treatments. If you do not consent to your photos being shared, they will be for the purposes of you and your clinician only. 

- Cosmetic injectables are prescription based medical procedures.

- Prior Skin Co & the consulting Medical Practitioners reserve the right to refuse treatment to any individual based on clinical judgement or discomfort in treating the individual.

Thankyou for understanding and compliance with the above terms and conditions.