One of the most requested treatments is, you guessed it.. Upper face antiwrinkle!

When we move our facial muscles, the lines we see on movement are known as 'Dynamic' lines. These movements show our expression, when we are happy, angry, sad and tired.

However, as we age and the years go on, repeated 'dynamic' muscle movements in our upper face can leave us with 'Static' lines. Static lines, also known as wrinkles, can leave us looking a bit more tired than we hoped. Static lines are lines which are present on our faces at rest, when we are not moving our face. They are caused over time from repeated muscle movement. You may also notice your makeup settles into these lines throughout the day.

Antiwrinkle treatment can help to combat these lines by 'relaxing' the muscle movement. Meaning for the period that the treatment is working, we have softened the muscle movement enough to prevent these lines from showing. This is also preventative, as the less we move these muscles, the less chance and time they have to set in and create 'deep set' wrinkles. 


The 'Frown' is made up of what we call the Glabella Complex. Three muscles working together to create a bunching in the middle of our eyebrows. The Procerus and two Corrugator muscles pull inwards and downwards to form the '11' lines we see between our eyebrows. This area can be treated alone, however it is beneficial to treat it in combination with the forehead for best results. 



When treating the Forehead with Antiwrinkle treatment, we are relaxing the 'Frontalis' Muscle. Muscle movement in our Forehead creates a number of horizontal lines. The depth and number of lines will differ greatly between individuals. As the forehead is one of the most temperamental muscles in the face, it is best treated with a conservative approach until accurate dosing is established for the individual. This can sometimes take multiple treatments to get the dosing correct, as  if the forehead is overtreated, it can lead to brow and eyelid heaviness- a temporary but undesirable result. Treatment in the forehead muscle generally wears off slightly quicker than other muscles, however, for the sake of open eyes and higher eyebrows, its worth it!

For best results Forehead muscle is best treated in combination with at least the Frown complex.  It is not recommended to be treated on it's own.


Crows Feet

Located on the sides of each of our eyes, Crows feet are essentially lines caused from the bunching of our Orbicularis Oculi muscle around our eyes when we smile. Smile lines, they make us look happy, right!? These lines are a personal preference, some of our clients love them, as they show the joy and love they experience in life. However for others, these lines can be deeper set and radiate out towards the cheek, and cause us more grief than joy. Antiwrinkle treatment can relax the muscle around our eyes, so that when we smile, our movement is softer and the lines present are not as deep or pronounced. For best results, we recommend treating crows feet in combination with the frown and forehead muscles. As these lines can also be caused from volume loss in the upper face, Another treatment to consider for deeper set Crows feet lines which radiate out to the cheek, is some Dermal Filler in the cheeks to further soften out these lines.


Bunny Lines

Bunny lines are caused by the scrunching and bunching of the Nasalis muscle on our nose! These lines are cute for some , however should be considered when treating the frown. Sometimes the bunching and scrunching of the nose can contribute to a horizontal line across the bridge of our nose, in between our eyebrows. If you're a veteran nose scruncher, or have a strong frown complex, this one's for you!


Eyebrow Lift

The eyes are the window to the soul, right? Well the eyebrows play a huge part in that too! Whilst antiwrinkle treatment can't lift your eyebrows through the back of your head (face lift here we come!), it has it's place in lifting the tail of the brow and creating a more open look around the eye. Whilst very rare, one of the risks with this treatment, if the product is not placed correctly, or rubbed into the eye, is temporary eyelid drop. If your eyelids are heavy set naturally, this one may not be for you, as the risk of this increases. Listen to the advice of your injector for this one. This treatment works well in combination with Frown, Forehead or Crows Feet antiwrinkle treatments. 


Nose Tip Elevation

Does the tip of your nose pull down and elongate when you smile?  Antiwrinkle treatment can help!

By injecting a small amount of product to temporarily relax the depressor muscle at the base of the nose, this treatment can temporarily elevate the tip of the nose on movement and improve the appearance of an elongated nose when smiling.