We can't let the upper face have all the credit... our lower face muscles are just as important and deserve just as much attention as our upper face does!

When we move our facial muscles, the lines we see on movement are known as 'Dynamic' lines. These movements show our expression, when we are happy, angry, sad and tired.

However, as we age and the years go on, repeated 'dynamic' muscle movements in our lower face can leave us with 'Static' lines. Static lines, also known as wrinkles, can leave us looking a bit more tired than we hoped. Static lines are lines which are present on our faces at rest, when we are not moving our face. They are caused over time from repeated muscle movement. You may also notice your makeup settles into these lines throughout the day.

Antiwrinkle treatment can help to combat these lines by 'relaxing' the muscle movement. Meaning for the period that the treatment is working, we have softened the muscle movement enough to prevent these lines from showing. This is also preventative, as the less we move these muscles, the less chance and time they have to set in and create 'deep set' wrinkles. 

Lip Inversion 'Lip Flip'

The mouth is surrounded by a muscle called the orbicularis oris. This muscle is repsonsible for helping us to talk, eat, kiss and move our lips! For some people, when their obicularis oris muscle has significant strength, it can pull their top lip under when they smile. This can lead to the appearance of a thin top lip when smiling, or even no lip at all. By relaxing this muscle with antiwrinkle product, it can reduce the muscles ability to pull under, therefore giving it a  'flip' out effect. It is important to note that this treatment mostly provides a 'lip flip' effect on movement (smiling), rather than at rest. One of the small risks with this treatment can be temporary difficulties drinking through straws whilst the product takes effect. Generally areas treated around the mouth last 6-8 weeks.


Barcode / Smokers Lines

Barcode lines, also known as smokers lines, are the vertical lines above the top lip. As we age, the muscle movement from  the orbicularis oris muscle around the mouth can accentuate these lines. Many women find themselves wanting to soften these lines when they notice their lipstick 'seeping' or makeup settling into them. Antiwrinkle product can help temporarily relax the muscle movement, which can soften these lines out and prevent them from worsening over time. Barcode lines are usually best treated with a combination of dermal filler to accentuate the lip border, or fill the lines, PDO threads for collagen stimulation, and antiwrinkle product to soften muscle movement. One of the small risks with this treatment can be temporary difficulties drinking through straws whilst the product takes effect. Generally areas treated around the mouth last 6-8 weeks.


Downturned Smile

Located on the sides of the bottom of our mouths, and extending down the marionette lines towards the chin, are our depressor Anguli Oris muscles. These muscles pull the corners of the mouth in a downwards direction. Over time, as we age, this can lead to the appearance of a 'downturned' smile. Relaxing this muscle movement can assist to prop the corners of the mouth back up and leave us looking a little less sad or tired, and a little happier! This treatment works well in combination with dermal filler to the marionette lines, to help create support for the mouth and smile, and soften the perioral area. Generally areas treated around the mouth last 6-8 weeks.


Gummy Smile

We all know someone who has a big, happy smile that lights up a room, however sometimes the appearance of too much 'gum' in our smile can distract from the beauty of it, or even leave us looking 'snarly'. Gummy smiles are generally caused by the Levator muscles  (LLSAN, LLS) above our mouth, being a little big stronger than those of our non-gummy smile counterparts. When these Levator muscles have significant strength, they pull our top lip further upwards, leading to overexposed gums. By relaxing these muscles, we can essentially 'drop' the smile back down to achieve a softer look and more desirable level of height in the top lip when smiling. Generally areas treated around the mouth last 6-8 weeks.


Chin  Dimpling

Feel like your chin is looking more like an orange peel than a nice plump dumpling? The repeated pull in the Mentalis muscle in the mid lower part of our chin can create a range of small dimples on movement, and leave this area looking 'pebbly' overtime. Softening the movement of this muscle, reduces the 'pull' and can soften the appearance of fine 'dent' and lines in this area. Antiwrinkle treatment in the chin, can also be targeted to 'drop' and elongate the chin, to help create a more 'heart' shaped face. Chin Antiwrinkle treatment can work well in combination with Dermal Filler treatment for Chin Elongation and softening.


Crooked Smile

Does one side of your bottom lip pull down more so than the other and leave you with a crooked smile?  Antiwrinkle treatment can be targeted carefully to help reduce the appearance of a crooked smile, temporarily.  Below our bottom lip, on each side of the mouth, extending down towards the chin, we have The Depressor Labaii Inferioris muscles. A crooked smile is usually caused by one of these muscles being stronger than the other, and therefore 'pulling' the mouth down more on one side. By injecting a small amount of product on the 'stronger' side, we can relax the muscle to help elevate it, and give more eveness  and symmetry to the smile. Generally areas treated around the mouth last 6-8 weeks.